Experiencing the magic of colours

in the light-flooded  CHORAM Coloured Light Pyramid

for joy, recreation and stillness.


Effects of light and colour on mind and body:

  • relaxation
  • strengthening of the immune system,
  • pain therapy (infrared light),
  • jaundice in babies or in
  • the treatment of depression and seasonal affective disorder


The Coloured Light Pyramid is an equilateral pyramid, whose skeletal structure is made of anodised aluminium rods. Integrated in the frame‘s base are high-quality LED lights. A light control unit allows the light to be changed to the desired colour or to gradually cycle through all colours. A white, flame-resistant textile skin is stretched over the framework. The entry is closed with a zipper in order to create a completely closed-off space of uninterrupted coloured light. Although full light intensity and colour brilliance are displayed in a darkened room or outdoors from dusk to the night, the coloured light has effect even in daylight.


Control Unit:

A hand-held controller allows choosing the desired colour or cycling through all the colours, at the desired tempo. The controller and power source are located outside of the pyramid in order to avoid electro-magnetic “smog.” The analogue power control offers a comforting, flicker-free light.

Please find detailed specification in our Folder.