color effect

The antipodes black and white are usually described as achromatic or neutral colours. Beyond any description black and white are part of our daily life. Black being serious, strict and reserved, representing authority. White is identified with purity, lightness, and like a blank piece of paper it sometimes lacks reality.




Yellow carries the qualities of brightness, warmth and radiation. Pleasant emotions experienced on a sunny day – happiness, lightness, light-heartedness, speed, expansion … – are associated with yellow. Yellow is the color we see first in darkness; along with orange it is a good choice for all kinds of safety euquipments. The „dark side“ of yellow is the fact that it has always been the color to mark social outcasts who have been




After yellow orange is the second-best color we see;  therefore they are ideal colors for safety clothing and road marks. Within the rainbow orange is the „most cheerful“ colour. It brings joy and fun, stimulating our senses and appetite for the good things in life. Along with red and yellow, orange is the most chosen colour for fast food retaurants.




The color red evokes manyfold emotions and associations. Representing the active principle of Yang, red stands for strength, action, dynamics, passion, fervent love, and sexuality (red light district) and motivator. It is also connected to anger and hate, danger, revolution, war, fire, blood, life and death. Together with blue it ranges among the most liked colors.




Magenta „connects“ the outer red and the inner blue of the rainbow and represents the connection between heaven and earth, darkness and light – infrared and ultraviolet. Full and bright magenta stands for dignity, uniqueness but also self-affectation and is often used for fashion or beauty products. In its light, whitened form, pink, it represents love, idealism, tenderness, affection and calmness. An ideal color to calm down angry or raging people. In the prison of Pfäffikon, Switzerland  pink cells have been installed for rioting prisoners who are kept there for at least 20 minutes to cool down.




This very clear color always appears clean and fresh and is a great choice for advertising toiletries. In fact insects do not like turquoise, that is why doors and windows of many houses in the South are painted with this color. Besides this practical use, turquoise  stands for clarity, open mindedness, freedom, consciousness and protection.




In Western countries blue is on tops of all lists of „most liked colors“. It is a cool color, carrying with it the depth of the sea and the width of the sky. It represents the soft and devoted principle of YIN. In contrast to red, blue opens up spaces – physically and metaphorically. It is connected to the world of deep thoughts and philosophy, also to melancholy or sadness. The word „Blues“ derives from the sad melodies sung by slaves.




Purple unites the vigour of red and the tenderness of blue in one color. Transcending them both, purple has  a touch of the mystery. It indicates times of transition, is a powerful healing color and is used in white and black magic likewise – only think of all the wizards and witches usually wearing  something purple in their garments or hats. In catholic tradition violet represents the virtue of chastity.




„Green is satisfying our eyes“, Goethe said . Being in the centre of the rainbow, green is neither a warm nor a cold color. Being surrounding by green in nature by leaves, trees, bushes, meadows, it is an ideal coloor for recreation and well-being: relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Green opens our hearts.




is deeply connected to Mother Earth, as it represents the qualities of home, groundedness, and stability. Statistically brown is  one of the less liked colors, nonetheless we find it frequently in our houses and buildings, bringing warmth and cosiness in our homes.