* “This was my first experience. I chose the color blue and the amber-cashmere fragrance (Anm. Duft der ägyptischen “heiligen” Öle). I felt as if my entire head was being scanned. I have sinus problems and so I was mostly feelng the scan on the left side of my head down to my nostril. While I experienced the scanning, there was a heaviness in the area where (I felt) the sinus problem was centered. After a period of scanning, the area started to feel light as if whatever was there, was being erased. This continued until the entire area was light and free. Then my body felt relaxed/freed from the problem and the focus turned to my third eye. The energy stayed there (on my 3rd eye) for quite a while, until I felt it was time to end the exercise. This was a very enlightening and spiritual experience for me.” Mrs. Judy Barley, 21st Sept.2018, World Pyramid Conference

* “It was a wonderful experience. I could see and feel all the colors blending into each other, very relaxing and healing. At a certain point I have felt my throat chakra starting to clear… After applying some essential oils and continuing the color therapy, my throat chakra felt balanced. I feel very rejuvenated, inspired and balanced. Pyramid and color combination is great and very powerful.”  Renata, 22nd.Sept.2018, World Pyramid Conference

* I had a very interesting experience in the pyramid. I chose the Jasmin oil and had the various colors rotating inside the pyramid. To remain constant during my experience, I then chose violet/purple and drifted from somewhere between conscious to not quite R.E.M. (sleep). The room held lots of peope with lots of different voices, but twice during my experience the voices seemed to hum or drone like a bee. The scent in the pyramid out of a diffuser was exotic in a very subtle way, I could´nt define it, but it was very pleasing. The WHOLE experience was quite lovely. Thank you so very much. With gratitude Ann K. , 22nd Sept.2018, World Pyramid Conference