Hungry For Light

Lichthunger„Days are getting longer now – and I really love it“, words coming to my ears quite often these days. Even when the sky seems gray, there is already more light. Light is as norishing as food and influences our mood positively. In fact „light sets the rhythm for our internal clock within the brain. It changes the activity of many genes and messenger substances“, says Horst-Werner Korf, Direktor am Dr. Senckenbergischen Chronomedizinischen Institut an der Universität Frankfurt. The rhythm ist mainly set by Serotonin and Melatonin, both regulate our day and night rhythm. The bluish part of daylight activates the production of Serotinin and with it most of our vital functions, in addition it has a positive effect on our psyche. Often named as „happiness hormone“ it is less produced during the „dark season“ of the year . The golden-reddish light of dusk triggers the production of Melatonin having a soothing effect, providing sound sleep and youthfulness. The peak of Melatonin production, which can only take place in darkness, is reached after midnight. This verifies the saying of our grandparents that sleeping before midnight provides the most healthiest and relaxing sleep. And as we know by now is responsable for staying young. Want to know more? Here two links: c


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