Easter – Resurrection of Light

beautifull woman taking a deep breath at the sunset

Each year Easter is being celebrated, around spring equinoxon, on the first Sunday after full moom. From March 21st till June 21st days are becoming longer and lighter – a new cycle of life begins.

The increasing light causes plants and trees to unfold their individual beauty, chirping birds are giving impressing morning concerts and each animal species starts to follow special rites to find a partner to pass on life.
The motor for all this colorful hustle and bustle is light which becomes brighter each day. Plants need it for photosynthesis and animals fort he production of hormones.
It is hardly surprising, therefore, that we are giving away fertility symbols at Easter: easter bunnies and easter eggs. Bunnies being known for their fertility and eggs symbolizing emerging life. Originally people were exchanging easter eggs painted red. Red being the colour for life, vitality, power and luck.
In some European countries bonfires are lit on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection light. Light and the absence of light as a symbol of „dying and becoming“. Embracing this cycle we may experience an inner resurrection, in the sense of starting anew.
Happy Easter!

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